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The Poster Parade celebrates London Transport's most iconic poster designs and designers. Based on a new theme every 3 months, the display features a selection from London Transport Museum’s collection of over 5,000 posters that cover over 100 years of graphic art.

The Poster Parade celebrates prominent anniversaries, events and current topics in London today. Our poster collection can be explored on our online collections site and reproductions of some of these poster designs are available on the Museum’s online shop.

Emigre Poster Designers

29 March – 27 June 2019

During the dark days of the 1930s and 40s, many artists and designers fled Nazi Europe and settled in the UK. The Vice Chairman of London Transport, Frank Pick, commissioned these talented designers to produce distinctive posters for the transport network. Here we celebrate five decades of émigré work, featuring well-known artists such as Hans Schleger (Zero), Hans Unger and László Moholy-Nagy.

This display is part of the ‘Insiders Outsiders Festival’, a nationwide arts festival celebrating the contribution made to British culture by émigré artists.

See a preview of the parade below, and some additional posters you won't find in the Museum!

2016 2658

Thanks to the Underground, by Zero

Zero (Hans Schleger), 1935

2016 2658

London's Offer

Lewitt-Him, 1938

2016 2658

A cheap day return ticket to Southend

Hans Unger, 1956

2016 2658

Changing of the Guard

Frederic Henri Kay Henrion, 1956

2016 2658

Tourist Tickets: Big Ben

Hans Unger, 1972

2016 2658

Lord Ashfield

Hans Unger, 1974

2016 2658

Tanks - Ministry of Information Exhibition

Frederic Henri Kay Henrion, 1942

2016 2658

Be map-conscious

Lewitt-Him, 1945

2016 2658

Evolution of London; 1914 - 1936

Zero (Hans Schleger), 1936

Clean Air for London

11 January to 29 March 2019

This display highlights initiatives to make London cleaner and greener. For many years, travellers have been urged to leave their cars at home and use public transport, or other ways of getting about, such as cycling or walking. People have also been encouraged to escape the city and enjoy green spaces around London in their leisure time. But air pollution remains a serious problem. Toxic air caused by domestic coal-burning and industrial pollution has been reduced, but pollution caused by road transport persists. Transport for London (TfL) is tackling this with measures to deliver cleaner air and a better quality of life for everyone living and working in London.

This display is now closed in the Museum, but you can still explore the posters below.

2016 2658

Cycling for pleasure

Easy Tiger Creative, 2016

2007 4618

Extend your life. Cycle.

Unknown artist, 2007

1983 4 2669

Spring beckons you

Gwynedd M Hudson, 1929

1983 4 2565

Bicyclism – the art of wheeling

Austin Cooper, 1928

2016 2653

Cycling for families

Easy Tiger Creative, 2016

2000 6713

Expensive day return, cheap day return

Unknown artist, 1983

2016 2659

Cycling for work

Easy Tiger Creative, 2016

1994 107

One Day Travelcard

Artist unknown, 1993

1983 4 1753

Fresh air in London's parks

James Henry Dowd, 1924

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This plaque was awarded to the winner of the District Railway station garden competition in 1916, a competition to recognise staff who enhanced stations with plants. It was dug up by a signalman in 1948.

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