Poster; Changing of the Guard, by Frederic Henri Kay Henrion, 1956
Simple name : Poster
Date : 1956
Collection : Posters
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1983/4/6846
Size : H 1016mm, W 635mm
Print code : 556/1195D/1500
Publisher : London Transport : 1956
Printer : John Swain and Son Ltd : 1956
Descriptive size : Double royal
Content text : A psychology student of Pstaines / Psaid his ego was pshattered by trains / pso he took it to see / The pceremony / Of Changing the Guard which takes place every morning at the Horse Guards and at most mornings at Buckingham Palace or St. James's. All the details are contained in a leaflet, obtainable free from the Publicity Officer, London Transport, 55 Broadway, S.W.1
Title : Changing of the Guard
Colour : Pink,Brown,Black
Record completeness :
Record 84% complete

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London's calendar has always been full of public events. These range from large scale annual events and one-off festivals, for which thousands of Londoners take to the streets, to smaller exhibitions held at a variety of specific venues. Transport companies have always taken the opportunity to promote travel to such events through their posters. On public holidays, when there were no scheduled events to promote, posters encouraged Londoners to travel out into the countryside or to explore the city.
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Royal events, such as Trooping the Colour, take place in London throughout the year. Travel to these annual events was promoted by London Transport posters, particularly in the first half of the 20th century. Many equally spectacular royal occasions, such as coronations and royal weddings, also featured prominently on posters.
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Double royal : Double royal has been the standard poster size used by the Underground since 1908. This 40 x 25 inch format has been used almost exclusively by railway companies.
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