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Current Exhibition


Closes 23 April 2017

Discover the art and aesthetics behind the functional and familiar at our exhibition designology. The exhibition explores how design is encountered in our everyday journeys and how this has evolved over the last century, as well as looking at how our travel experiences might develop in the future. From the visual to the virtual and from Victorian engineering genius to modernist masterpieces, designology uncovers the fascinating designs and processes behind London’s moving metropolis.

Highlights of the exhibition will include posters from the golden age of travel, historic maps, tickets and signage, and a pop up design Studio where visitors will be able to find out more about contemporary design innovation. As visitors make their way through the exhibition they will begin to recognise the underlying design that surrounds them - design hidden by its familiarity in everyday life.

Designology Studio

Come and take part in our year-long public programme of events, situated in the ‘pop-up’ designer’s Studio integrated into our temporary Designology exhibition. The programme will be actively exploring how good design makes life in London better, through residencies and participatory workshops. Over the coming year we will be exploring three themes:

  • Social Behaviour, Wayfinding, Data and Mapping (May – July 2016)
  • Beyond the Surface (August – September 2016)
  • Designing the Tube (October 2016 – February 2017)
  • Driverless Futures, utopia or dystopia

Entry to the Studio and the programme of events is included in the cost of museum entry and tickets are valid for the whole programme.

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Driverless Futures, utopia or dystopia?

3 March to 23 April 2017

Studio Programme [PDF 3.5MB] 

To conclude the series, we bring you Driverless Futures, utopia or dystopia from March - April, in partnership the Royal College of Art (RCA). This theme will explore how autonomous vehicles could present the most significant change in transport since the transition from horse drawn carriages to motorised vehicles. Alongside the new ‘Driverless Futures’ display, there will be four exciting pop-up events (listed below). The events offer a unique chance to meet designers from the RCA and explore the impact of autonomous vehicles in our everyday lives. Designers will be on hand for visitors of all ages to highlight real-life hopes and fears, as well as share insights and actively explore ideas about the future of vehicle design.

No booking required, daytime events (listed below) are drop-in and free with your annual London Transport Museum admission.

Entertaining interiors

Date: 9 March 2017
Time: 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00

RCA designers will be on hand to explore how the inside of our cars and vehicles might change in the future. Visitors will have the chance to help design future mobility concepts, sharing their ideas on what might go on inside our vehicles of the future. 

What can be made ‘driverless’? 

Date: 16 March 2017
Time: 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00
RCA designers will be going beyond the obvious, exploring what else might become autonomous in the future. Autonomous delivery pods, waste recyclers, advertisements, vending machines, showers? They will be inviting visitors to tell them what should be turned autonomous in the future and asking for help to create new concepts. Visitors can get stuck in or just enjoy watching the designers at work. 

Cars for Kids

Date: 6 April 2017
Time: 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00

Will kids have their own cars? Will they need cars as big as adults? Will parents feel comfortable allowing their children to use driverless cars? In this event RCA designers will be having fun with visitors designing vehicles for people below the driving licence age. Come and share your views and help them design automation for the next generation.

Autonomous Architecture

Date: 13 April 2017
Time: 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00

In this event RCA designers and architects will be looking at how our urban spaces will evolve and develop as a result of driverless vehicles. Will we need traffic lights? How will our roads change? Where will future vehicles park, be charged or repaired? Could they become an extension of your home or an alternative to hotel rooms? Pop into the studio to explore the future with them and get involved with their design process. 

DEBATE: Driverless Futures, Utopia or Dystopia?

Date: 20 April 2017
Time: 16:00–18:00 

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Come and take part in a panel debate exploring the potential risks or rewards of a driverless world. Hear from the experts and help inform future investigations. From hopes; accessible and affordable vehicles, less stress, less pollution and safer streets? To fears; job losses, streets and cities filled with intimidating machines and isolated people?

Upcoming Exhibitions

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Sounds of the City

Opening 19 May 2017

Where does your ear meet your eye? Sounds of the City, an exhibition featuring the best 100 entries from The Prize for Illustration 2017, opens on Friday 19 May and features a colourful and exciting visual interpretation of sounds heard in the hubbub and quiet spaces of the UK’s vibrant and multi-layered cities.

Capturing the artists’ relationship with sound, we see inspiration taken from natural to man-made city environments featuring the common, the curious, the distinctive and persistent chorus of sounds we hear in our cities 24/7.

The Prize for Illustration is in partnership with The Association of Illustrators.

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Poster Girls

Opening 13 October 2017 

Girl power comes to Covent Garden when Poster Girls - a major new exhibition about 20th and 21st century female graphic artists opens at the Museum in the autumn of 2017.

Poster Girls will highlight some of the key female artists who have designed for London Transport and Transport for London including Dora Batty, Herry Perry, Laura Knight, Anna Zinkeisen, Margaret Calkin James and Freda Lingstrom. The artists and featured work will be examined and contextualised by both the era in which they lived and worked and their style, looking at influences both from within the design community and from the wider world. 

As well as stunning original posters from London Transport Museum’s collection, Poster Girls will include accompanying material such as letters, books and ceramics, photographs and original artworks. The exhibition will look at their diverse portfolios beyond posters and the context in which they were designing posters, the background story to their careers, and, importantly, their influence on 20th century design.