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Over the past few months, we have been committed to sharing with you fun transport-themed activities you can continue to enjoy at home. We will continue to share with you exciting crafts, quizzes and games to play during your down time, as well as STEM-inspired videos, downloadable learning resources and helpful guides to help with your formal learning. Make sure to keep checking back here for new updates.

Stay safe. Stay curious.


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We are excited to welcome you back to Covent Garden and we want to hear about your favourite memories of the Museum. What have you missed the most about visiting us? And if you are planning to visit for the first time, what are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know via social media using the #IHeartLTM hashtag and we'll re-share our favourite posts every week.

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Would you like to write a poem about The Poetry Bus?

Imagine that you are travelling to a secret place on a magic Poetry Bus.

Instead of running on petrol, the magic bus runs on poetry. So you need to write a poem to keep it going. If you say your poem about The Poetry Bus out loud as you are writing it, the bus will go even faster.

Download the TfL Craft Club Creative Writing pack for some poetry inspiration as well as the chance to enter two competitions!


The Poetry Soeciety's Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award

If you're aged between 11 and 17, why not send your new poems to the Poetry Soeciety's Foyle Young Poet of the Year award? It's free to enter and there are loads of great prizes on offer. Enter by Friday, 31 July. Find out more here.

TfL Poem Illustration station competition

You can see lots of illustrations in the Creative Writing pack above to go along with the poems. Why not have a go at illustrating one yourself? We've picked some great examples of transport poems (which you can find on the last pages of the pack) or you can choose any of the great poems available on the Poems on the Underground website.

Send your illustrated poem to [email protected] by Friday, 31 July and the best ones will be featured on the transport network and on social media for everyone to enjoy.

Good luck!

History of the roundel

The Roundel

As we celebrate London's most iconic logo, we wanted to give you a chance to design your own roundel! Download our activity sheets below to design and colour your own roundels. What combinations will you come up with?

If you want to find out more about the history of the roundel, click here.

Colour your own heritage roundel (download)

Heritage roundels

There have been many kinds of roundels over the years in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Download some of them here and let your imagination run free!

Design your own roundels (download)

Sketch a roundel character

Fill this sheet of small roundels with your own designs of things or people that you love.

Colour your own London roundel (download)

Make your own London logo

Download this template to colour in the classic roundel. Our top tip... download seven and colour them in all the colours of the rainbow!

Colour your own Thank You roundel (download)

Thanks roundel

Download this special roundel to show your thanks to all of the keyworkers, from hospital staff to shop workers to transport workers who have helped kept the city moving.

Make your own moquette

Celebrate London's most famous fabric - moquette! We've got together some of the most famous designs that you might recognise from tubes today, and some from history. Download and print them out and design your very own moquette! We've included the real pictures for reference - will you use the same colours or come up with something new and bright?

 web moquette barman colour  web moquette barman colour


This moquette design features four 'hidden' landmarks. It is named after Christian Barman, who was one of the early commissioners of moquette designs. It was designed by Wallace Sewell in 2010. Find out more about this moquette.


 web moquette barman colour  web moquette barman colour

Elizabeth Line

This moquette was designed by Wallace Sewell for the Elizabeth Line in 2015. Find out more about this moquette


 web moquette barman colour  web moquette barman colour


This design of moquette can be found on the seats in Routemaster buses. It was designed by Douglas Scott in the 1960s. Find out more about this moquette.


web moquette barman colour  web moquette barman colour


You can find this brown and orange moquette on the Overground . It was designed by Wallace Sewell in 2008. Find out more about this moquette.


 web moquette barman colour  web moquette barman colour


This design, known as 'Colindale' or 'leaf' was created by Marion Dorn and used on the 1938-tube stock,  around 1945 Find out more about this moquette.


web moquette barman colour web moquette barman colour


This moquette was designed for the Victoria line and created by Bombardier in 2009. Find out more about this moquette.


Make your own Museum

Make your own Museum

As part of #MuseumWeek (follow us on social media to find out more!), we're giving you everything you need to make your own Museum! Download our cut and colour templates of some of the vehicles in our collection and create your own London Transport Museum from home. Bonus points if you make a Museum as well... and don't forget to tag us on social media using @ltmuseum or #LTMLove - we'll repost our favourites!

Make your own battle bus guide Make your own battle bus guide

Make your own train

We have lots of trains in our collection with different colours and designs. Which one will you colour yours to look like?

Trains in our collection

Make your own battle bus guide Make your own battle bus guide

Make your own taxi

Black taxis are a famous sight in London - there are around 21,000 in total!


Make your own battle bus guide Make your own battle bus guide

Make your own Routemaster

The Routemaster bus is one of London's best known symbols. We have the first prototype in our collection, from 1954!


Make your own battle bus guide Make your own battle bus guide

Make your own Green Line bus

These single-deck buses were used to carry passengers out to the countryside.


Make your own battle bus guide

Make your own battle bus guide

Make your own Battle Bus

Over 2,500 B-type buses were used in the early 1900s. Some were also repainted in this green colour, like Battle Bus, to carry troops during the First World War.


Billy Brown

Billy Brown of London Town

Do you know who Billy Brown of London Town is? He had a very important transport job 70 years ago.

He helped passengers during the Second World War to know what they should and shouldn’t do. See some of his posters here!

We’ve created some activities inspired by Billy Brown’s posters for you to do at home. Download them all here or see more below…

Download all the activities here [zip, 2.78MB], or choose individual activities below.

And don't forget to explore all of the posters in our collection that feature Billy himself!


Colouring in sheet

Billy Brown is looking bit dull. Help fill him up with lots of colour!



Can you solve the crossword of Billy Brown related clues?


Behaviour quiz

Billy Brown's posters showed people how to behave on London’s transport network. How well do you behave on London transport? Use Billy Brown’s posters to help you answer this quiz.


Make your own rhyme

Write your own rhyming couplet, inspired by Billy Brown of London Town.



Can you spot all of the words that can be found on Billy Brown posters?


Match the poster

See if you can spot Billy Brown and match up the right rhyme to the right poster. 


Design your own character

Use our handy chart to help you create your own transport character!


Crossword answers

Wordsearch answers

Poster Power

Poster Power family activities 

Try your hand at some of our poster-themed family activities! We have three for you to try out - designing your own poster, colouring in some old posters from our collection and putting back together the tiger collage. Download them below!

design a poster

Design your own poster

Colouring in poster pack

Colouring in sheets

zoo tiger collage

Tiger poster collage

Discover more about our amazing poster collection on our Poster Power page.

Poster Power


Dreamer, planner or fixer

Schools in! Future Engineers

Engineers are people who solve problems. They use creativity to fix, plan and dream solutions to improve everyday life. We are looking for fixers, planners and dreamers to become the engineers of the future. Take part in our engineering activities!

Building Bridges

This activity is inspired by Costain

London Bridge station’s rail bridge has too much traffic! Costain is working with TfL to make a new bridge. Can you join their team to redesign the rail bridge over the River Thames to make people’s journeys better?

Download the Building Bridges instructions [132KB]

Share your creation with us on social media using #missionfixer

Create your robot travel companion

This activity is inspired by Cubic 

Cubic Transport Systems are always exploring new, innovative ideas for the future. Can you create a robot that helps make journeys faster, easier and more fun?

Download the Robot travel companion instructions [133KB]

Share your creation with us on social media using #missiondreamer

Design your own high speed train

This activity is inspired by Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald are currently designing a new high speed railway that will connect the north and south of England. Can you design a new high speed train for this railway?

Download the High speed train instructions [136KB]

Share your creation with us on social media using #missionplanner

Home learning resources

These resources have been designed for students to access at home as part of their home learning, and connect with the key themes of Museum school visits.

While they are intended for students who would otherwise be on a visit to the Museum at this time, they are suitable for all students as part of their Home Learning.

Early years foundation stage

All Aboard bus template

All aboard

Encourage a love of transport at home with these simple ideas inspired by our ‘All Aboard’ nursery session.




Bus for the future

Tackle our engineering challenge and design a bus to tackle problems like safety, environment or growing passenger numbers



teacher resource tickets

Tickets please

Discover more about how tickets have been used across the years and even design your own Oyster card


London Transport Museum Depot is open this summer


Museum After Dark

Join us for our next Museum After Dark late opening on Thursday evening. It's the perfect opportunity for adults to visit with friends and enjoy a cocktail and quiz.

Find out more

October half term at London Transport Museum


October half term

Families are invited to track down Billy Brown of London at the Museum in Covent Garden and our Museum Depot in Acton this October half term. 

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