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Moquette sample; 'Central line check' design, as used on Central line 1992-tube stock, by Jonathan Sothcott, circa 1990
Sample of cut pile moquette with a geometric grid pattern of juxtaposing squares, lines and triangles in red and grey on a navy background. The pattern was designed by Jonathan Sothcott for use in the 1992 Central line Tube stock.
Simple name : Moquette sample
Date : circa 1990
Collection : Vehicle parts
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1997/2993/21
Size : H 300mmm, W 215mm
Associated company :
  • London Transport
  • DCA Design consultants
  • John Holdsworth and Co
Associated line : Central
Commissioner : London Transport : circa 1990
Designer : Jonathan Sothcott : circa 1990
Manufacturer : John Holdsworth & Co : circa 1990
Content text : CENTRAL LINE H 745-WT/m
Additional information : Moquette is the durable upholstery fabric used on public transport across the world. Known as Central line check, this design comprises a geometric grid pattern of contrasting squares, lines and triangles in red and grey on a navy background. The moquette was designed by Jonathan Sothcott specifically for use on the 1992 Central line Tube stock. The colours used complement those used throughout the carriage. It was also one of the first examples of the upholstery pattern picking up the colours of the line. This sample was manufactured by John Holdsworth & Co Limited.
Material : Wool
Colour : blue,Red,Grey
Pattern name : Central line check
Pattern repeat : 36mm
Pile : Cut
Record completeness :
Record 76% complete

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