Colour print, Princess Anne at the opening of London's Transport Museum, by Paul Proctor, 1980
HRH Princess Anne at the opening ceremony of London Transport Museum, Covent Garden, on 28 March 1980. Peter Stephens, the museum director at this time, escorts the princess, standing to her left. Museum staff member Rob Lansdown stands extreme left.
Simple name : Colour print
Date : 28 Mar 1980
Collection : Photographs
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 2005/2648
Shot : medium interior
Location : London's Transport Museum, Westminster WC2
Photographer : Paul Proctor : 28 Mar 1980
Descriptive size : 8x8ins
Additional information : London's transport services have done much to shape the city during the 20th century. Buses, trains and trams have changed the way people live and work in London, being largely responsible for the development of the suburbs and the evolution of the commuter. In March 1980, the London Transport Museum was opened to illustrate this history. The museum premises had formerly been the old flower market in Covent Garden. Princess Anne, seen here wearing a peach-coloured outfit, was guest of honour at the opening ceremony. On the princess's left is Peter Stephens, who was then museum director. On the far left in a grey suit is museum staff member Rob Lansdown.
Original number : C1469-7
  • Paul Proctor
Record completeness :
Record 58% complete
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The front of the Museum


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Princess Anne escorted by 4 men at the opening of the Museum


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This photo is from the official opening of the Museum on 28 March 1980. Director Peter Stephens is pictured escorting Princess Anne past the buses.

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