Phyllis Bray, 1911-1991
Simple name : Person: artist
Collection : People
Reference number : 1996/5723
Fullname : Phyllis Bray
Biography : Daughter of William de Bray and Maria Fyodorovna, Phyllis Bray always showed considerable interest and ability as an artist. She won a scholarship to the Slade and studied there under Henry Tonks. She became one of the East London Group. In 1933, she was elected a member of the London Group at the young age of 22 and, in the same year, married the artist John Cooper. Phyllis Bray painted in oils, watercolours and gouache and was also a lithographer. Her paintings in the Wye valley revealed her gifts as a colourist. For many years she collaborated with Hans Feibusch on mural work. She completed three large murals for the People's Palace, now St Mary's and Westfield College, in the Mile End Road (East London). For this, she was publicly praised by Queen Mary. The murals represent Music, Drama and Ballet. A keen tennis player, she produced publicity material for Shell and the John Lewis Partnership as well as London Transport. After WW2 she exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Leicester Galleries. She had a one-woman show at the Drian Gallery in 1975. An example of her mural work can be found at St Crispin's church, Bermondsey.
Date of birth : 1911
Place of birth : Norwood, London
Date of death : 1991
Role : Artist
Employment :
  • Designed poster for London Transport : 1938
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