The Prize for Illustration 2015: London Places & Spaces

15 May to 6 September 2015

The Prize for Illustration 2015: London Places & Spaces exhibition displays 100 illustrations that capture a variety of aspects of London’s unique character and qualities. Together they show a multi-layered metropolis and reflect the city’s distinct personality and communities; from grand scale architecture and famous landmarks to London’s secret spaces and places – used for commerce and work, leisure and living.

The works in the exhibition range from the contemplative to the crowded and loud, imaginary or real, and from the past to the present – all places that form part this amazing City. Each of the illustrations is accompanied by a short description written by the artist revealing the inspiration behind their creation.

All the artworks are entries for the prestigious Prize for Illustration. The annual competition is open to illustrators and students of illustration throughout the world. The shortlist of 100 entries was selected from over 1,000 submissions by an expert panel of judges from the world of art and design.

London Places & Spaces is organised by the Museum in partnership with the Association of Illustrators (AOI). We are also proud media partner with Londonist.  

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Upcoming: Night Shift - London after Dark

Upcoming Exhibition from 11 September 2015 to 10 April 2016

Join us to celebrate the opening of Night Shift at a Friday Late on 11 September, featuring a bar, silent disco, a DJ and curator-led tours.

When the sun sets and the moon rises over London the city gradually takes on a character and the Night Shift begins.

The introduction of gas and electric street lights at the end of the 19th century brought significant change to the night time streets of London and with it new opportunities for pleasure seekers and greater demands from night workers travelling to and from the city.

The Night Shift exhibition delves into the dark side of transport in London and explores the power of publicity and the world of the night shift over the last century. Eye catching transport posters highlight the rise of the West End and the growth of the leisure economy, whilst archive photographs and films document the development of transport to meet the needs of Fleet Street and other night workers. Wartime Tube sheltering, the burgeoning nightclubbing scene and hard hitting safety campaigns bring the story up to date and cast new light on the contemporary 24 hour city.

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Design enthusiasts can indulge their passion with a special London by Design Pass which allows two daytime visits to the Museum in Covent Garden, entry to designjunction between 24 and 27 September and the Design Uncovered event at the Museum’s Acton Depot in West London from 11 September until 23 November 2015. This combined ticket costs just £20.00 and is valid until 4 January 2016.

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