Transported by Design

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In summer 2015 Transport for London and London Transport Museum launched an 18-month programme of events, exhibitions and competitions highlighting how transport has shaped London and, through good design, made life in the Capital better.

Throughout this programme, Transport for London and London Transport Museum will showcase the innovative ways good design is used in today's transport network and how this keeps London working and growing.

For more information on the Transported by Design programme and Design Icons please visit the TfL website

London by Design season

Visitors to London Transport Museum can enjoy an 18 month programme of exhibitions and events to celebrate the design legacy of London’s transport which dates back over 100 years.

The London by Design season will showcase the evolution of many of the Capital’s design classics as well as look at contemporary and future design. From posters and graphic communications, the iconic Tube map and world famous roundel transport symbol, to pioneering vehicle design and architectural innovation, the season explores how design excellence has made and continues to make London work efficiently.

The role design plays to help London work and grow is crucial to shaping the city's future, making lives easier, safer and more pleasurable. This will be our focus throughout the programme, working in joint partnership with the Transport for London.

The season kicked off on 11 September 2015 with a temporary exhibition, Night Shift: London after Dark, which presented retro posters, photographs and archive film used to promote evening leisure. Two weeks later, on the weekend of 26 and 27 September, Design Uncovered gave visitors a rare opportunity to explore behind the scenes at the Museum’s depot in Acton, West London. And on 6 November 2015, the Museum opened a new permanent gallery, London by Design, which highlights key treasures from London’s transport design heritage.

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Transported by Design Festival

Sunday 3 July 2016

Join London Transport Museum and Transport for London on Sunday 3 July for the Transported by Design Festival. To celebrate the past, present and future of transport design, Regent Street will be closed to traffic and filled with icons from the capital’s transport history. Heritage buses, horse drawn carriages and a real 1927 Tube train will be on display, along with iconic maps, signs and posters. Visitors can also enjoy the kids’ zone and London Transport Museum’s pop-up shop.

Entry to the Transported by Design Festival is free. The event will run from 12:00 to 18:00.

Find out more about the Transported by Design Festival

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Now open

Discover the art and aesthetics behind the functional and familiar at our new exhibition Designology which opens on Friday 20 May 2016.

The exhibition will explore how design is encountered in our everyday journeys and how this has evolved over the last century, as well as looking at how our travel experiences might develop in the future. From the visual to the virtual and from Victorian engineering genius to modernist masterpieces, Designology will uncover the fascinating designs and processes behind London’s moving metropolis.

Find out more about Designology

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New permanent gallery: London by Design

Now open

The new London by Design gallery explores how London’s transport has become one of the world’s most enduring examples of successful brand identity and a world leader in transport design. Looking at the reciprocal interplay between the past and the present, the gallery looks at key design elements, including corporate identity, maps, vehicle design, posters and designed environments from the early twentieth century to the present day. It also uncovers the stories behind some of the early pioneers of transport design including Frank Pick, Harry Beck, Edward Johnston and Charles Holden, as well as exploring exciting future developments in the Capital’s transport system.