Emirates Air Line schools scheme

The Emirates Air Line schools scheme is an initiative for schools across the UK to admire the breathtaking views of the Capital while bringing curriculum areas to life. Rising to a height of 90 metres, Emirates Air Line offers you an exciting 1.1km cable car journey across the River Thames. Emirates Air Line connects the Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Victoria Dock.

Pupils are charged just £1 for a return flight on the Emirates Air Line and accompanying adults will travel for free. The adult to child ratio at KS1 is 1:5 and at KS2 and above it is 1:9.

Curriculum links

The Emirates Air Line schools scheme offers many educational benefits. The design and construction phases of Emirates Air Line can be related to many different curriculum areas, making a journey on the Emirates Air Line is a cross-curricular experience.

Key Stage 1: Science Activity [491 KB]
Key Stage 1: Design and Technology [323 KB]
Key Stage 3: Science Activity [481 KB]
Key Stage 4: Geography [300 KB]

Preparing for your Visit

Emirates Air Line Risk Assessment Information Pack [109 KB]
Emirates Air Line Terms & Conditions [816 KB]
Current Service Status


Please complete the Emirates Air Line Booking Form for Schools [696 KB] and email it to [email protected]


Emirates Royal Docks
27 Western Gateway
E16 1AE

Emirates Greenwich Penninsula
Edmund Halley Way
SE10 0FR

Contact us

Tel: 0343 222 1000


Print FAQs [260 KB]

Are bags allowed on the Air Line?
You may bring personal luggage that you are able to carry yourself provided it is not dangerous or likely to injure or obstruct anyone and is not more than 2 metres in length. Unattended property is a security risk and can cause unnecessary delays to the service and may be removed so please keep items with you at all times.

What do I do if I lose something on the Emirates Air Line?
Please contact our Lost Property Office by visiting: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/useful-contacts/lost-property and completing an enquiry form, or calling 0845 330 9882. Alternatively you can visit our Lost Property Office in person at 200 Baker Street, London NW1 5RZ (Opening times are 08:30 to 16:00 Monday to Friday).

Can I bring food or drink on the Emirates Air Line?
You may bring food or drinks on the Emirates Air Line provided it is in closed containers and is not opened during your flight.

What facilities are available at the two Terminals?
Both terminals have step-free access, ticket office, ticket vending machines and customer services available at both terminals.

Are there toilets?
Neither terminal has toilet facilities. Toilet facilities are available at North Greenwich Underground station.

Is there coach parking at the Emirates Air Line?
Please contact the Emirates Air Line School Groups telephone line.

Are there any special arrangements for children at the Emirates Air Line?
Groups of up to 9 children must be accompanied by a teacher or guardian, although for Key Stage One a ratio of 5 children to one adult applies. Where a Group includes children with special needs schools are expected to ensure a higher ratio of responsible adults to children in line with their own risk assessments.

Is the Emirates Air Line accessible for disabled passengers?
The Emirates Air Line is accessible for everyone, including disabled customers. Assistance dogs can also board the Emirates Air Line.

Can pregnant women travel on the Emirates Air Line?
Pregnant women can travel on the Emirates Air Line. The Emirates Air Line reaches heights of 90 metres. Travelling is at our customers’ own discretion.

How many people need to be in a group?
There is no set minimum group size but there is a maximum group size of 400.

How long before my boarding time shall I arrive?
Bookings are taken to fall within one hour timeslots. You should arrive within the timeslot booked.

What if our party arrives late?
We appreciate that delays can occur to your journey to the Emirates Air Line. In the event that you arrive late we will try to accommodate your booking as soon as we can, following your arrival.

Where do we collect our group tickets?
It is simpler to collect Group tickets on arrival at the planned terminal, where a record of your booking is held.

What happens if I lose or forget my tickets?
The Emirates Air Line operator maintains a record of any Groups which have pre-booked flights. Upon presentation at the agreed terminal, the group leader, with appropriate personal identification will be met and the booking will be respected.

How do I pay for Group tickets?
Payments will generally be taken in advance by telephone. Payment can alternatively be made by cash or credit card at the departure terminal at the time of travel.

What if there are adverse weather conditions?
The Emirates Air Line cable car system is designed to operate throughout the year and in most weather conditions. However, cable cars are not designed to operate in extreme weather conditions and, for comfort and safety reasons, the service may close due to:

  • Threat of lightning and thunder - this may impact the service for a short time. The cable car system may close for less than 20 minutes, before the storm passes and service resumes.
  • Very strong winds - this is likely to lead to a longer period of 'No Service' as wind speed tends to reduce at a gradual rate.

If there are adverse weather conditions, how do I know if the Emirates Air Line is operational?
To confirm that the Emirates Air Line is operational you can check Live travel news at https://www.tfl.gov.uk/modes/emirates-air-line or call our 24 hour travel information phone line on 0843 222 1234 for the latest travel information.

How many people can you fit in one cable car?
Each cabin can take up to ten passengers.

How long does a journey on the Emirates Air Line last?
A single crossing takes approximately 10 minutes out of peak hours, and a 360 journey takes approximately 20 minutes at that time.

What will I see from the Emirates Air Line?
Rising to a height of 90 metres the Emirates Air Line is a unique travel experience, giving spectacular views across the city and its river, including St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, the Old Royal Naval College Greenwich and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. In the foreground you will see The O2, Canary Wharf, the Thames Barrier and the Crystal Building.

Is there a commentary on the Emirates Air Line?
There are welcome messages on the Emirates Air Line, but no commentary. Many passengers enjoy the quietness of the journey at 90 metres above ground level. If you have any questions on any particular landmark you have seen, please ask our staff at either terminal – who will be happy to assist.

Can I use images and text from your website for our school website?
Images and text from the website is available for schools use. Please accredit the images to Transport for London.

Are there any first aiders on site?
There are first aiders at either terminal.

Is there a “fast track” lane for booked school groups?
Pre-booked school parties will be met upon arrival and escorted through to the platform level. They will be treated as a private party.

Are pets allowed on the Emirates Air Line? With the exception of assistance dogs, animals must be carried at all times. Some animals may not be permitted. Please check with a member of staff before you purchase your boarding pass.

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