London Transport Museum and Acton Depot are home to old and new forms of London transport. We have range of spectacular pieces that include modern and historic train carriages, tube prototypes, and buses dating back to the 1920’s.

The Museum Depot in Acton holds the majority of the Museum's collections which are not on display in the main Museum in Covent Garden. With over 370,000 items including original works of art, vehicles, signs, models, photographs, engineering drawings and uniforms. Together these form one of the most comprehensive records of urban transport anywhere in the world.


For filming and photography we have a number of underground carriages available that include the Victoria Line (1967-2011) tube carriage with driver’s cabin access, a 1950’s- present day Metropolitan line train and a recently refurbished Met 353 first class carriage from the early 1900’s. The carriages are excellent for internal and external filming along with a number of buses that include original posters and advertisements. 

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Press and media

The London Transport Museum Press Office team are available to assist with any filming and photography requests in order to promote the museum, its events and exhibitions - both in Covent Garden and at its Acton Depot in West London. Please note that any filming and photography request that will be used for promotion the Museum will be free of charge.

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Press images

A select number of high resolution images of the Museum and its collection are able to be obtained free of charge for the promotion of the Museum from our Press images page.