Road vehicle; Prototype RM-type double deck motor bus bonnet No RM2 registration mark SLT57, 1955
Double decker RM2 prototype Routemaster. Originally painted green and used on Country Bus routes it was soon repainted red operating in central London for about 2 years. It ended its life as a training vehicle. RM2 had a smaller engine than other Routemaster models along with a fully automatic gearbox. The engine was not succesful and was changed to the larger production type.
Simple name : Road vehicle
Date : 1955
Collection : Vehicles
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1989/120 part 0
Operated by : London Transport
Bibliography : CURTIS C., 1988. The London Bus. London: London Transport
Manufacturer : AEC : 1955
Mode : Bus
Vehicle caption : RM2 was the second of four Routemaster prototypes. It was fitted with a smaller engine than RM1, as an experiment. It entered service in 1957 as a Country Area bus, in green livery, working from Reigate Garage. After a short time it was repainted red and transferred to Turnham Green Garage. It ran on route 91 from London Airport to Wandsworth Bridge. After November 1959 it was withdrawn from service and used for driver training.
Colour : Green
Deck : Double
Height : 14ft 4.5in
Length : 27ft 6.55in
Seating upper : 36
Seating lower : 28
Type : RM-type
Weight (laden) : 11tons 10cwt
Weight (unladen) : 7tons 7cwt
Body number : 9229, then B2
Chassis number : RM2
Engine number : 180490
Registration number : SLT57
Lt type code : 2RM2
First date in service : 20/05/1957
Last date in service : 01/11/1959
Record completeness :
Record 81% complete

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