Railway vehicle; City and South London Railway 'Padded Cell' coach No 30, 1890
A wooden railway carriage with boarding platform extensions at either end that are enclosed by metal gates; has no windows along its long sides
Simple name : Railway vehicle
Date : 1890
Collection : Vehicles
Object location : Covent Garden
Reference number : 1981/538
Associated line : Northern line
Operated by : City and South London Railway
Manufacturer : Ashbury Railway Carriage & Iron Co. : 1890
Mode : Tube
Additional information : Opening in 1890, the City & South London Railway was the world's first Underground electric railway. The first trains to run in the Tube tunnels had no windows, as it was thought there would be nothing for passengers to see in the tunnels. When the train arrived at each station, the guards would shout the name of the place to let the passengers know where they were. During rush hour, up to 72 people packed into these carriages. Like tramcars, the trains had short boarding platforms with steel gates at each end. Inside, the seats were cushioned and had high backs, earning them the nickname 'padded cells'. They were in use until 1924.
Vehicle caption : This type of car formed part of the first deep-level tube trains. Windows were not included in the design because it was thought that there was nothing for passengers to see. Conductors announced the station names for the passengers. The high backed, cushioned seats resulted in the nick-name the 'padded cell'. These cars were withdrawn in 1924 when the line was modernised. Windows were fitted to this car in around 1900, but it has since been restored to its original condition.
Material : Wood,Brushed nylon
Height : 8ft 6in
Length : 32ft
Seating : 32
Weight : 7tons
Fleet number : 10
First date in service : 1890
Last date in service : 1924
Record completeness :
Record 100% complete

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