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Road vehicle; B-type LGOC open top motor bus bonnet No B340 registration mark LA9928, 1911
A double-deck motor bus painted red, black and white with open top upper deck that forms a protective peak above the open fronted driver's cab.
Simple name : Road vehicle
Date : 1911
Collection : Vehicles
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1981/514
Associated borough :
  • Waltham Forest
Operated by : London General Omnibus Company
Bibliography : Curtis C.H. 1977. Buses of London. London Transport.
Manufacturer : London General Omnibus Company, Walthamstow : 1911
Mode : Bus
Additional information : Built at the London General Omnibus Company (L.G.O.C.)'s works at Walthamstow, this B-type bus was allocated to Middle Row Garage in North Kensington. In 1914 it was used by the War Department for home defence work, carrying wounded troops around London. One of the first buses ever to be retained for preservation, it was shipped to Vancouver in 1936 for the L.G.O.C. Golden Jubilee parade. It has since been exhibited at the Museum of British Transport at Clapham in the 1960s and Syon Park in the 1970s. The B-type became the first mass-produced bus in the world. During the First World War, many were shipped to France, often still displaying their London adverts, to carry troops to the Western Front.
Vehicle caption : The B-Type was the first mass produced motorbus in the world. In 1912, 20 were built per week. By 1919 B-types had replaced all horse buses and most motor buses in London. In the First World War, over 900 B-types were used by the army on the Western Front, some of which were converted into lorries. This one transported wounded troops around London from 1914 to 1916. It then returned to regular bus work before being withdrawn in 1924.
Colour : Red ,White,Black,Gold
Deck : Double
Height : 12ft 5in
Length : 22ft 9in
Seating upper : 18
Seating lower : 16
Type : B-type
Weight (laden) : 6tons 2cwt 2qts
Weight (unladen) : 3tons 11cwt 1qts
Body number : 2705 4502
Chassis number : B340
Fleet number : B340
Registration number : LA9928
Record completeness :
Record 100% complete

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Visitor comments

I remember riding down Tottenham Court Road on the number 11 bus when I was smaller. I used to like hiding under the tarpaulin rain covers. Geoffrey from London
B-type LGOC open top motor bus, registration mark LA9928, 1911 The B-type is the earliest mass-produced motor bus in the world. This particular bus was used during the First World War in home defence work. Many other B-types, however, were used to transport troops to the Western Front. It is hard to imagine what it was like to drive them under shell-fire. The open cabin gave no protection to the driver. Katherine

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