Poster; Epping Forest, by Ruth Hydes, 2015
Poster featuring deer running through the woodland in Epping Forest.
Simple name : Poster
Date : 2015
Collection : Posters
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 2017/397
Size : H 1016mm, W 635mm
Publisher : TfL : 2015
Commissioner : Transport Poster Art
Descriptive size : Double royal
Content text : Epping Forest / By bus, Tube and Overground / Artist: Ruth Hydes © Transport for London 2015 / Visit or / Copies of this poster are available from the London / Transport Museum shop, Covent Garden Piazza / MAYOR OF LONDON / Clear Channel Sponsors of Transport Poster Art / TRANSPORT FOR LONDON EVERY JOURNEY MATTERS
Title : Epping Forest
Material : Paper
Colour : Red ,Yellow,Blue,Brown
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Leisure travel into the area now known as Greater London (and beyond) was promoted to increase revenue during off-peak periods. For similar commercial reasons, commuters were encouraged to live further out from the city in the new suburbs. Posters advertising days out by tube, bus or tram, were prominently displayed at station entrances and on the vehicles themselves. They include some of the most attractive and evocative posters produced by the Underground/London Transport.
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Day trips to the ancient forests bordering London remain a popular poster theme. Landscape artists, such as Walter Spradbery and Gregory Brown, set new standards in the depiction of trees and woodland scenes. Many of the posters feature Epping Forest, originally reached by motor bus until the extension of the Central line in the 1940s.
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Double royal : Double royal has been the standard poster size used by the Underground since 1908. This 40 x 25 inch format has been used almost exclusively by railway companies.
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