Poster; Notice; shelter in Underground stations, unknown, 1940
Simple name : Poster
Date : 1940
Collection : Posters
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 2000/17487
Size : H 1016mm, W 635mm
Print code : 940-5947G 2000.
Publisher : London Transport : 1940
Printer : Waterlow & Sons Ltd : 1940
Descriptive size : Double royal
Content text : NOTICE SHELTER IN UNDERGROUND STATIONS London Transport ask those who seek shelter in Underground stations to help in maintaining the essential transport facilities which are used by roundly one million passengers daily. Passengers must be afforded free and uninterrupted use of the platforms and stations and the space used for shelter must therefore be limited....
Title : Notice; shelter in Underground stations
Colour : Red
Printed by : Waterlow & Sons Ltd
Related person
  • Unknown
Record completeness :
Record 82% complete
The Underground Group, and later London Transport, produced a wide variety of public information posters during the First (1914-18) and Second (1939-45) World Wars. The majority of wartime posters advised staff and passengers on emergency rules and regulations. Others were more overtly patriotic, often focussing on the valuable war work undertaken by transport employees. Some First World War Underground posters even urged onlookers to enlist with the armed forces. During the Second World War, posters were also used to explain tube 'etiquette' to the vast numbers of war workers and servicemen using the underground for the first time.
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The deep tubes were first used as air raid shelters in the First World War. The posters shown here are all from the Second World War. They include instructions on how to reserve a space, rules of behaviour, and details of refreshments provided by LT. The 'cockney crossword' poster provides answers to a puzzle issued to shelterers on the back of an earlier safety leaflet
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Double royal : Double royal has been the standard poster size used by the Underground since 1908. This 40 x 25 inch format has been used almost exclusively by railway companies.
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