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Poster; Camden Lock, by John Bellany, 1990
Simple name : Poster
Date : 1990
Collection : Posters
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1990/202/1
Size : H 509mm, W 339mm
Publisher : London Underground Ltd : 1990
Commissioner : Art on the Underground
Content text : Camden Lock Nearest Station: Camden Town Camden Lock by John Bellany A new work of art commissioned by London Underground
Additional information : This poster was produced from a vast oil painting by the leading Royal Academician John Bellany. It was commissioned by London Underground in 1987 as part of 'Art on the Underground'. This was a campaign launched in 1986 to encourage an artistic rather than a commercial approach to poster design. This painting was used in a poster promoting Underground travel to Camden Lock. The surreal scene is rich in symbolism and reflects the cultural diversity of the area.
Title : Camden Lock
Colour : Pink,Brown
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The range of entertainment on offer in London provided countless vibrant and enticing subjects for transport posters. Rather than advertising specific venues or events, posters usually promoted general activities such as shopping or going to the theatre. Many aimed to encourage travel to the city in the evenings and at weekends. Others encouraged regular commuters to stay in the city after work, rather than travelling home at rush hour. In the 1930s, posters were also issued with listings of specific events scheduled for that week.
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Eating out in London was often promoted by Underground posters. Some encouraged weekend of evening visits to one of the city's many restaurants. Others were aimed at commuters, suggesting eating out after work, rather than travelling home at rush hour. As well as sophisticated dining in the West End, posters also promoted taking a picnic in one of London's many parks.
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Surrealism : The use of Surrealist imagery in posters is uncommon. Frank Pick believed Surrealism to obscure the clarity of a poster's message. However, some dreamlike imagery, associated with the Surrealist aesthetic, can be found in Underground poster designs from the last 100 years.
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