Poster; The Colne River at Uxbridge by tram, by Edward McKnight Kauffer, 1924
Simple name : Poster
Date : 1924
Collection : Posters
Object location : Covent Garden
Reference number : 1983/4/1631
Size : H 762mm, W 508mm
Print code : 713/1000/ 5-24
Publisher : Underground Electric Railways Company Ltd : 1924
Printer : The Baynard Press
Descriptive size : Double crown
Content text : The Colne River At Uxbridge By Tram
Additional information : This poster forms part of a series published by the Underground group in 1924. There are five in the series, each promoting a different destination accessible by tram. The quality of the lithographs and the innovation of his designs established Edward McKnight Kauffer as a master of poster art. The last trams were withdrawn from London in 1952. This poster promotes the town of Uxbridge, where trams ran until 1936. Proposals to reintroduce a similar service to the area were under discussion at the beginning of the 21st century.
Title : The Colne River at Uxbridge by tram
Colour : Green,Black,Green
Printed by : The Baynard Press
Record completeness :
Record 88% complete

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Leisure travel into the area now known as Greater London (and beyond) was promoted to increase revenue during off-peak periods. For similar commercial reasons, commuters were encouraged to live further out from the city in the new suburbs. Posters advertising days out by tube, bus or tram, were prominently displayed at station entrances and on the vehicles themselves. They include some of the most attractive and evocative posters produced by the Underground/London Transport.
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Posters advertising days out by bus, tram and tube were originally printed to fill empty advertising space. They soon became important in their own right as a way of filling empty seats outside rush hour. Trips to the country by Green Line coaches or tube were particularly popular, with attractive publicity promoting different seasons of the year.These posters played an important part in establishing the reputations of artists such as Edward McKnight Kauffer and Walter Spradbery.
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Double crown : Double crown is the descriptive size for posters that are 30 x 20 inches. This is slightly smaller than the standard double royal size, which is the most commonly used by the Underground. Double crown posters were originally displayed on the front panel of buses and the side panels of trams.
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