Poster; Underground aids to perplexed parents; no. 1 animals, by Elsie Henderson, 1917
Simple name : Poster
Date : 1917
Collection : Posters
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1983/4/1237
Size : H 1016mm, W 1270mm
Reproduced in : London Transport Posters. A Century of Art and Design, edited by David Bownes and Oliver Green, Lund Humphries, 2008
Publisher : Underground Electric Railway Company Ltd : 1917
Descriptive size : Quad royal
Content text : Underground Aids To Perplexed Parents No 1 The Animals and Birds of London To Children These Animals and Birds Live Some In the Parks Some In The Fields Some On The Farms That Spread All Around. Find Out What It Is Each Picture Shows And Then As You Are Taken Out Try To See Each As It Lives. You Can Cut Out The Drawings And Colour Them
Title : Underground aids to perplexed parents; no. 1 animals
Colour : Light Green
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Quad royal : Quad royal is the descriptive size for posters that are 40 x 50 inches. It is the standard size used by the Underground for maps and is most commonly used in posters for designs requiring fine detail, such as decorative maps.
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