B/W print; Ellen Bulfield, the last First World War woman bus conductor, 1919
Mounted photograph showing Ellen Bulfield, the last of the women bus conductors employed by the London General Omnibus Company during the First World War. Miss Bulfield ceremoniously hands over to a male colleague. This photograph was issued as a commemorative print.
Simple name : B/w print
Date : 19 Nov 1919
Collection : Photographs
Object location : Covent Garden
Reference number : 2001/56628
Size : H 235mm, W 185mm
Associated person : Ellen Bulfield
Shot : Medium exterior
Location : Unknown
Photographer : unknown : 19 Nov 1919
Mode : Bus
Descriptive size : 7x5
Additional information : This is Ellen Bulfield, who was one of the last of the female bus conductors, or 'clippies' as they were known, to hand over to a male colleague on his return from armed service. She worked for the London General Omnibus Company (L.G.O.C.) during the First World War. This picture of the ceremonial handover was made into a commemorative print. She was one of the first conductors to be employed, and a newspaper at the time (the Daily Sketch) estimated that she had travelled over 70,000 miles while working for the L.G.O.C. From 1916, women were hired to replace the 18,000 male transport employees who joined the armed forces at the outbreak of war. However at the end of the war the L.G.O.C. kept its promise to keep the jobs open for the discharged soldiers, so the employment of women was only temporary.
Original number : Ukn
  • unknown
Record completeness :
Record 75% complete

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Visitor comments

I think the idea of the last women bus conductor after the First World War is indicative of the way I was brought up to believe that women were second class citizens. My views have changed now but that's how it was at the time. I wanted to be a bus conductor myself but couldn't because I was too tall at 6'4'.

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