B/W print; High angle shot of one of the platforms at Hounslow West station by John Wender, circa 1975
High angle shot of one of the platforms at Hounslow West station, probably taken very shortly before it was closed in July 1975 in connection with the Heathrow extension, and replaced by a sub-surface platform on a different site. Temporary lights have been installed on the platform, and temporary roundels and signage can be seen on the fence. A contractor's site lies behind the fence. A walkway to the new platform runs midground left to background centre/right. A train of 1959-tube stock stands in the platform, with doors open. People can be seen both on the platform and in the train.
Simple name : B/w print
Date : circa 1975
Collection : Photographs
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1998/63867
Location : Hounslow West Underground station, Bath Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3
Photographer : John Wender : circa 1975
Descriptive size : 8x6ins
Content text : Car no: 1232
Original number : 3021/3/3
  • John Wender
Record completeness :
Record 57% complete

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