B/W print; Cross-section of booking hall by Topical Press, 23 May 1936
Cross-section of booking hall, escalators, interchange passageways and platforms of new Piccadilly Circus station by Douglas MacPherson - known as a stomach diagram.
Simple name : B/w print
Date : 23 May 1936
Collection : Photographs
Object location : Acton Depot
Reference number : 1998/47764
Size : H 710mm, W 625mm
Shot : Close-up
Location : Piccadilly Circus Underground station, Westminster, W1
Photographer : Topical Press : 23 May 1936
Original number : U20324
  • Topical Press
Record completeness :
Record 62% complete

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This cross section of Piccadilly Circus is known as a 'stomach diagram' as it shows the 'insides' of the station. You can clearly see the booking hall, escalators, passageways and platforms of the station!

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