Frank C Pick, 1878 - 1941
Simple name : Person: staff
Collection : People
Reference number : 2001/26251
Fullname : Frank Pick
Biography : Frank Pick was born on 23 November 1878 in Spalding, Lincolnshire, to Francis and Fanny Pick (nee Clarke), but brought up mainly in York. Francis Pick was a draper from Stamford. Pick was educated at St Peter's School in York, after which he embarked on a career in law, working for a York solicitor named George Crombie from March 1897. In 1901 Pick married Mabel Woodhouse. They were not to have any natural children, but they did adopt a daughter. Pick took a first class honours degree in Law from the University of London in 1902, but in the Spring of that year he embarked on a change of career when he left George Crombie's law firm to join the Traffic Statistics Office of the North Eastern Railway Company. He became Personal Assistant to the General Manager, Sir George Gibb, in late 1904, and at the beginning of 1906 was invited by Gibb to move to London and join him in working for the Underground Group. When Albert Stanley (later Lord Ashfield) became the Underground Group's General Manager in 1907, Pick was put in charge of publicity. He quickly demonstrated a flair for the role and changed the way the Group publicised their stations. When a Traffic Development and Advertising Department was set up in 1909, Pick was put in charge of it.
Date of birth : 23/11/1878
Place of birth : Spalding
Date of death : 7/11/1941
Role : Staff
Employment :
  • Articled to George Crombie, Solicitor, York : March 1897 - Spring 1902
  • Traffic Statistics Office, North Eastern Railway Company : Spring 1902 - 1906
  • Personal Assistant, Underground Group : 1906 - 1907
  • Head of publicity, Underground Group : 1907 - 1909
  • Traffic Development Manager, Underground Group : 1909 - January 1912
  • Commercial Manager, Underground Group : January 1912 - Early 1917
  • In charge of Household Fuel and Lighting Branch of the Board of Trade : Early 1917 - probably June 1919
  • Commercial Manager?, Underground Group : May 1919 - 31 January 1921
  • Assistant Managing Director, Underground Group : 1 February 1921 - 1928
  • Managing Director, Underground Group : 1928 - 30 June 1933
  • Vice-Chairman, London Passenger Transport Board : 1 July 1933 - 1940
Record completeness :
Record 100% complete

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