Doritt Dekk, 1917-2014
Simple name : Person: artist
Collection : People
Reference number : 1996/5754
Fullname : Dorrit Dekk
Biography : Dorrit Dekk's was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia and she studied at art school in Vienna during the troubled period of 1937-8 when Hitler took over. She was with Max Reinhart in Vienna. Later she spent a year at the Reimann School of Art in London 1938-1939. Dekk was a painter, printmaker and designer. She worked for the Central Office of Information 1946-1948 and was a stage designer and illustrator in Cape Town in 1949. From 1950-1979 she worked in London. Clients include Air France. Her main work has been designing posters including one for British Rail, exhibitions and displays. Along with several shows she has had solo exhibitions at the Maltings Gallery, Farnham ,1986, the Clarendon Gallery, 1986 and Duncan Campbell, 2007.
Date of birth : 1917
Place of birth : Brno, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)
Date of death : 2014
Role : Artist
Education :
  • Vienna : 1937-1938
  • Reimann School of Art : 1938-1939
Employment :
  • Designed poster for London Transport : 1961
Record completeness :
Record 37% complete

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