Arnrid Banniza Johnston, 1895-1972
Simple name : Person: artist
Collection : People
Reference number : 1996/4930
Fullname : Arnrid Banniza Johnston
Biography : Born in Sweden, Arnrid Johnston came to London where she studied at the Slade School of Art. Johnston was a prolific artist who carved in marble and wood as well as being a painter. A reoccurring theme in Johnston's work was a love of animals. Notable among her output were Cats on Chimney Cowl and Squirrels which were shown at the London Group's exhibition in 1930. Her London Transport posters include several for the Zoo, showcasing her great talents as an animal artist. Johnston also wrote and illustrated Pigwiggen, the story of flying pig, in 1938; Animal Families in 1939; and illustrated a number of other books such as Kathleen Foyle's The Little Black Calf, 1952.
Date of birth : 1895
Date of death : 1972
Role : Artist
Employment :
  • Designed posters for the Underground Group and London Transport : 1930-1935
Record completeness :
Record 37% complete

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