While the is Museum closed, we are unable to respond to email enquiries for information, licencing or collections requests.

Loans Policy

LTM makes and receives loan requests for the following reasons:

  • to make the collections more widely accessible, both physically and intellectually;
  • to further knowledge and understanding of the collections;
  • to increase national and international co-operation by the exchange of material and exhibitions; and
  • to enhance the reputation of LTM both nationally and internationally.

In some cases, LTM will not be able to lend requested objects. Reasons for this include:

  • the object is on display, either at LTM or another loan venue;
  • LTM is planning to use the object or it is subject to another loan request;
  • the condition of the object means it would be at significant risk by being transported and/or displayed;
  • the loan venue is not an Accredited institution;
  • the object will not be publicly accessible whilst on loan;
  • LTM is not satisfied with the stated reason for the loan;
  • LTM is not satisfied with the environmental, display or security standards at the loan venue;
  • the borrower is unable to meet LTM’s conditions of loan.

Loans out

Loans out (the lending of objects from the LTM collection to other parties) are granted by LTM for fixed periods of time (up to a maximum of five years) and for the purposes of exhibition or public display, usually at an accredited institution. In special circumstances LTM may consider lending to an unaccredited institution if all security, environmental and physical needs are met and there is a strong case for public access to the object in question.

LTM will consider loan requests for all different types of objects in the museum collection, and for any number of objects.

If a borrower is unsure about which object(s) to borrow or what LTM holds in its collection, they should contact the curatorial department at [email protected] in advance of making a loan request.

A loan request must be made in writing at least six calendar months prior to the proposed commencement of the loan. In exceptional circumstances, LTM will consider loan requests sent with less than six calendar months’ notice. International loan requests and loan requests of ten or more items should be made at least 12 months prior to the proposed commencement of the loan. Requests should be sent to:

[email protected]; or
Curatorial Department,
London Transport Museum,
Albany House,
94-98 Petty France,

A loan request must include details of the following:

  • the name, address and contact details of the proposed borrower;
  • the name and status of the individual making the request;
  • the details of the object(s) subject to the request, including object number(s) and a brief description of each object;
  • the proposed dates of the loan;
  • the purpose of the loan and, if the object(s) are intended for exhibition, the scope of the exhibition and details of all venues;
  • a brief statement of the proposed indemnity/insurance provisions which shall be put in place in relation to the object(s);
  • if the loan request has been sent with less than six calendar months’ notice, the reason(s) for this.

Once a written loan request has been received, the LTM Collections Development Group (CDG) will consider the request, and then inform the borrower whether they agree to proceed with the loan in principle. If LTM considers the borrower’s participation in the further stages of the loan process to be inadequate, for example if the borrower fails to provide information reasonably requested by LTM, LTM reserves the right not to grant the loan.

If CDG agree to proceed with the loan, the borrower will be asked to provide a completed UKRG Facilities Report and a UKRG Security Supplement, in order to assess intended security, display and environmental conditions. Evidence of appropriate insurance or indemnity provisions will also be required, and further information may be requested if necessary. If this information is considered to be satisfactory by LTM, the borrower will be required to enter into a Loan Out Agreement, which will incorporate LTM’s Standard Conditions of Loan and any additional conditions relevant to the specific loan in question.

Should images of the objects be required for catalogues or publicity, requests should be sent to [email protected].

Loans in

Loans in (the borrowing of objects from other parties by LTM) are for fixed periods of time (up to a maximum of five years) and are requested by LTM for the purposes of exhibitions, research and public programme activities.

LTM will accept loans on the terms and conditions of the lender. Where the lender does not have a set of terms and conditions, the LTM standard Loans In Agreement shall be used. A copy of the standard Loans In Agreement is available on request.

LTM will require the lender to provide an insurance valuation for all objects on loan and will provide proof of insurance.

LTM will ensure that all borrowed objects are treated with at least the same standard of care with which it treats objects from its own permanent collections.

LTM will keep a record of each loan on the collections database and each object will be designated an LTM object number and database record.

LTM will carry out appropriate due diligence checks on incoming loans to ensure that no borrowed objects are known or suspected to have been stolen, illegally imported/exported or illegally excavated, as defined in the UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, 1970.

In the event that the original lender cannot be contacted at the end of the loan, LTM will make reasonable efforts to trace the original owner. If the original owner cannot be located LTM will seek appropriate advice, with a view to disposing of or acquiring such objects.

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