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Stories of the World (SOTW) is a three-year programme that has changed the way we work with young people at London Transport Museum forever.

Stories of the World has created new opportunities for young people to be heard, and help make the museum better for everyone. This is known as ‘active participation’. It takes time, but the results can be amazing.

Active participation has helped create the 2012 exhibition Mind the Map: inspiring art, design & cartography.Young people have been involved from the start; some have worked with the museum for more than two years.

Current Opportunity - Become a Young Consultant


Recruitment Date: Saturday 3 November 2012

Are you aged 16–21?
Are you looking for a job that gives you the chance to:

  • Make a difference
  • Learn new skills
  • Share your ideas
  • Get paid
London Transport Museum is looking for four young people to form our Young Consultants project team. This is a part time role with no previous experience required. We are looking for young people who are enthusiastic, have opinions and want their ideas to make a difference. This is a great way to gain work experience and boost your CV. With training and support you'll play a key role in planning and delivering a digital film project.

To apply for a Young Consultant role, attend our recruitment day on Saturday 3 November 2012. 

To book your place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you have any questions call 0207 379 6344. Places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.


Find out more

From 2012, you can read more in the SOTW section of our Museum Blog. You can also read about some of the earlier SOTW youth projects on this page.

To find out more contact Steve Gardam on 020 7379 6344 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our partners

Thanks to Arts Council England for their funding and support for Stories of the World, and to these partner museums:

Special thanks to London Transport Museum Young Consultants:

  • Adelah Bilal
  • Aobakwe Mokgalagadi
  • Elvis Miranda
  • Gloria Gaspard
  • Godwin Asante
  • Izara Louise
  • Peter Crump
  • Will Franco

Stories of the World projects

From 2012 the latest news about Stories of the World is allin the London Transport Museum Blog


The Charter School, February 2011

Students studying the Creative Media Diploma at the Charter School in Southwark were the final group to create artwork as part of the Museum’s Bus Shelter project. Working with filmmaker Ben Clough from Chocolate Films students created ‘A New Beginning’, a short dance film based on the theme of journeys.

The young people were involved in the whole filmmaking process, from creating a concept and pitching their ideas, to allocating roles, organising props, costumes, filming and editing their work.

Over 350 people downloaded and watched a short trailer for their film trailer via Bluetooth. The trailer was available at a Bus Shelter on Coldharbour Lane / Denmark Hill from Monday 28 February until Sunday 13 March 2011.

You can watch A New Beginningfrom Chocolate Films on Vimeo.

A blog documenting the progress of this project was created by one of the Museum’s young volunteers, Godwin Asante. Godwin took part in the Camden Bus Shelter project then worked as volunteer with the Museum, and eventually became a Young Consultant.


The Ismaili Centre’s Youth Arts Initiative, January 2011

Another bus shelter project showcased the talents of young people from the Ismaili Centre’s Youth Arts Initiative. Working with professional lyricist KMT, visual artist Orly Orbach and filmmakers Chocolate Films they created artwork and a spoken word film called ‘The Path’.

Using the Museum’s collections as inspiration the young people looked at the idea of a journey as both a physical and spiritual concept. They developed ideas around seven key journey elements; motivation, perspective, spice, challenges, movement, expression and inspiration.

Their artwork was displayed at a Bus Shelter on Gloucester Road from Monday 31 January until Sunday 13 February 2011. A short trailer for their film was downloaded via Bluetooth from the bus shelter by nearly 200 people.

You can watch The Pathfrom Chocolate Films on Vimeo.


Young Consultants Take Over LTM, November 2010

On Friday 12 November, our four fantastic Young Consultants took over the museum to speak about their year of work on Stories of the World. This was part of the national Takeover Day event, run by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner.

Every Friday morning the LTM staff meets to get updates on projects and share information. The Young Consultants ‘took over’ Friday training, and delivered a fantastic presentation on their work so far. They talked about why working with us matters to them, and why young people taking part is really important for the museum.

Kway, Will, Elvis and Adelah had come a long way since they started in November 2009. By the time of Takeover Day 2010, their confidence and skills had increased so much they were working as peer mentors to other young people, as part of our ‘Journeys’ initiative for young volunteers.


Team Awesome and the Big Museum, October 2010

When the director of The Big Museum fails to listen to young people the Young Superheroes of Team Awesome take things into their own hands! But will their determination to get a youth voice heard be enough to change things before the opening of the exhibition…?

This film was made by LTM’s Young Consultants for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad Film Nation programme. Entertaining, exciting, and empowering, it shows what Adelah, Elvis, Kway and Will feel about working with London Transport Museum.

You can watch Team Awesome and the Big Museum on London Transport Museum's YouTube channel.

Coram's Fields at LTM, September 2010

Throughout summer 2010 young people at Coram's Fields Youth Resource Centre used London Transport Museum collections as inspiration as they created poetry, music, dance, digital stories and visual design. The young people looked at travel in the city, but also more personal journeys such as growing up as a young person in London.

Images and sounds from the project were showcased in a temporary bus shelter exhibition at the Museum 18-26 September 2010. On Saturday 25 September young people from Coram's Fields presented a fantastic live music and dance performance in front of their Bus Shelter exhibition.

This temporary bus shelter exhibition was made possible by the invaluable support of Clear Channel UK and TfL Surface Transport.

FUSE festival young volunteers, July 2010

With two years until London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Royal Parks organised an event called FUSE: an arts festival for young people involved in dance, music, theatre, spoken word and the visual arts within Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. London Transport Museum was there!

We made the FUSE festival the focus of a new youth volunteering project for Stories of the World. Our crack team of 10 young volunteers gave an incredible 500 hours of their time to plan, prepare and deliver our workshops at FUSE.

Over 600 people came to our tent at the festival, and we also collected over 160 Tube Map memories to help develop our 2012 exhibition. To see the project in pictures, visit the LTM Flickr photostream.

This project has since been brought back into the museum, and we have run four projects with young people designing and delivering some of our holiday time family activities.

The Pedro Club and Eastside, May 2010

Between February and March 2010 young people from the Pedro Club and Eastside Educational Trust worked with London Transport Museum to explore what the theme of journeys meant to them.

With artists Andrew Wright and Chocolate Films the young people created artwork in the style of graphic novels. They developed stories and characters inspired by their own personal journeys or by items from the Museum's collection.

A selection of the young people's artwork has been incorporated into a contemporary design. It was on public display in a bus shelter on Morning Lane, Hackney, for two weeks from 5 July 2010.

HEART Digital Stories, April 2010

Members of the group HEART from Orleans House Gallery worked with LTM and filmmaker Jaime Taylor of Postcode Films to explore what the theme of 'journeys' means to them.

They learnt about editing software and matching sound to image. They created three digital stories and a short trailer for the stories was available by Bluetooth at the bus shelter outside Twickenham railway station for two weeks from 26 April 2010. Nearly 200 people watched the trailer over the two weeks.

Reinterpretation film, February 2010

Throughout Stories of the World, young people and community groups are saying what museum objects mean to them. Adding these new insights to museum collections is called reinterpretation.

Reinterpretation projects at London Transport Museum during 2010-11 explored London as a world city, based on the six cities featured in our World City Walk gallery. We worked with groups from the Chinese, French, American, Japanese communities in London, as well as a group of people who have experienced homelessness.

This short film was made by LTM's Young Consultants back in 2010, to help explain reinterpretation to people working on projects from these different London communities. Although the projects it was made for have finished, the film is still useful today to introduce this important concept. (Thanks to Ken Garland for the image of Harry Beck).

Young Consultants, December 2009

We recruited our first three Young Consultants in late 2009. Adelah, Aobakwe and Will were chosen from over 30 amazing applicants. You can see images of some of the Young Consultants – including later team members Elvis, Peter, Godwin, Gloria and Izara – on our Flickr photostream.

This was the beginning of a really exciting journey, for the Young Consultants and for the museum.