Victorian transport

An open topped trolley Bus crowded with men in bowler hatsNineteenth-century London was the greatest city the world had ever seen. Its population grew six times over between 1801 and 1901.

This phenomenal expansion was closely linked to the development of new transport systems. London grew from a compact walking city into a sprawling metropolis where people depended on horse and steam power to move them around.

Buses versus trams

Discover the Victorian class war between buses and trams.

Putting steam trains underground

How did the Victorians get steam trains underground? Was it good for their health? See images of the Museum's A-Class steam locomotive No.23 in our Vehicles Collection.

The Great Bore

A tunnel under the Thames? From 1825 (when work on the Thames Tunnel began) to 1843 (when it opened), Marc Brunel engineered this mammoth feat for the first time.