Copyright and licensing

The Intellectual Property Development Department is responsible for the protection and exploitation of the Intellectual Property of Transport for London (TfL). This includes its world-famous icons: the Underground map and Underground logo (or 'Roundel'), New Johnston font and London Transport Museum's poster and photograph collections. The Intellectual Property Department actively seeks to develop partnerships for its brand-licensing business.


The Underground map and logo, New Johnston font and the London Transport Museum poster and photograph collections are protected by copyright, and the Roundel is also a registered trademark. A licence needs to be obtained from the Intellectual Property Department to reproduce them. Please note that any unauthorized use of TfL's copyright and trademarks is an infringement of TfL's Intellectual Property and may lead to legal action and other remedies permitted under the Trade Marks Act 1994 and the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988

Underground map licensing

The iconic Underground map is reproduced under licence across a wide range of publications from diaries and guidebooks to the back of companies business cards. If you require further information or wish to reproduce the Underground map in a publication, visit Map Licensing on the TfL website.

Image licensing

The Contemporary Visual Image Library stocks over 250,000 photographs of all forms of London’s transport, as well as hundreds of images of life in London. These are either 35mm colour slide until 2005 or digital from 2005 to the present day. The collection continues to grow on a regular basis to include new and exciting transport initiatives in the capital. The collection is separate from the historic London Transport Museum photograph collection.


Since 1908, many artists, both famous and unknown, have been commissioned to design posters for London's Underground.

London Transport Museum's superb transport poster collection includes works by artists from Britain, Europe and the USA, many of whom produced their finest work as poster advertising for London Underground. The collection reflects the developments in poster design and style that have taken place over the last century.

Within this historic archive, more than 6000 poster images are available for development under licence. Some images have already been beautifully redesigned as licensed merchandise, ranging from greeting cards to giftware.


In addition to the poster collection, there is currently an unlicensed archive of 100,000 photographic images, ranging from historic black-and-white to contemporary, cutting- edge images. They document the development of London over the last 125 years. This vast collection is ripe for quirky and imaginative licensing development in all product areas.

Brand licensing

Transport for London has a long established brand extension programme utilising all aspects of TfL’s intellectual property across all product sectors and retail outlets from London gifts to high end design.  Examples of the products developed under licence can be seen on the London Transport Museum and TfL online shops.

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To reproduce images from the archive in a publication please contact [email protected]

For personal use
To buy poster and photographic images for personal use you can browse our Online Shop or search using our Online Collections.

For products, film, television and advertising
To license poster images from the archive for use on products, or for use in a film, television production or advertising campaign, please contact the Intellectual Property Development Department:

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