London icons

The black cab and red double deck bus are iconic symbols of London. They are recognized across the world. The classic 1950s versions of both are London standards and were still on the streets of the Capital at the start of the 21st century.

The FX4 black cab launched in 1958 was in production for 40 years. Its 1997 successor, the TX1, has a fashionably 'retro' appearance, but meets the access and performance standards required for modern London cabs. You can explore the latest version of the cab at the Museum and test yourself against the Knowledge of London ('The Knowledge'), a test that all licensed cabbies have to pass.

Now retired, the red Routemaster bus appeared in 1959. It represents a peak of the vehicle design partnership forged over decades between London Transport and west London bus builders AEC. Today, the Routemaster runs on two heritage routes close to the Museum along the Strand.